HortiCare pH Check (Nutrient pH test)

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HortiCare pH Check (Nutrient pH test)

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The HortiCare pH Check was created specifically for hydroponics fertiliser testing.

The success of hydroponics is dependent on nutrient solution control.

Each plant species has its specific pH need in order for its roots to absorb nutrients more effectively.

Too acidic or alkaline nutrient solutions will cause the plant to slow down and hinder growth. This metre reliably measures the pH of nutrients.

It is portable and simple to keep calibrated on a regular basis.

The auto-endpoint mechanism ensures that calibration and measurements are consistent and accurate. To take an accurate reading, you do not need to be an expert.

The HortiCare pH Check adds a professional touch to your hydroponics hobby, which is dominated by commercial growers.


Press Button Calibration
Effortless calibration with a single touch of the button.

Auto-Endpoint Reading & Calibration
Always give you the right reading, the tester is able to lock to an endpoint reading, thus eliminating guesswork.

Hold Function
Able to freeze display for ease of reading.

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