Hortitek UV-A Bar 30W

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Hortitek UV-A Bar 30W

Transform Your Indoor Garden with Hortitek UV-A Bar 30W!

Ready to take your hydroponic garden to new heights?

Hortitek UV-A Bar 30W are here to make that happen.

They're not just grow lights; they're your ticket to a thriving, lush indoor garden.

With their unique blend of features, you can tailor your garden's lighting to perfection.

Why Hortitek UV-A bar Are a Must-Have:

  1. Bumper Harvests, Healthier Plants: Thanks to our cutting-edge technology, you can look forward to not just more, but better-quality yields.

  2. Let There Be Light: The ultra-clear glass on these boards means your plants get all the light they need for robust photosynthesis.

  3. Tough and Resilient: The light itself is IP65 rated, making them resilient against humidity and water splashes – perfect for hydroponics.

  4. UV-A for Vigor and Potency: The 30W UV-A feature is your secret weapon for enhancing plant growth and potency.

  5. Easy Setup: Get started in no time with our plug-and-play design. It's all about growing more and fiddling less.

  6. 3-Year Warranty: We stand by our product with a solid warranty, so you can grow with confidence.

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