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 House & Garden Algen Extract

Quicker, Faster development growth!

Use from Start to Finish!

House & Garden Algen Extract is a concentrated form of Norwegian sea (Ascophyllum nodosum). For the various advantages it offers, kelp is loved by plants throughout all stages of growth.

Algen Extract contains macronutrients, advantageous vitamins, and micronutrients. Better leaf colour is ensured as a result, and Algen Extract also encourages the growth of tiny root hairs, which increases the uptake of certain trace elements.

A premium blend of Norwegian sea kelp called House & Garden Algen Extract has high concentrations of cytokinin, active enzymes, and amino acids.

The product your plants will be looking for!

The biological life is preserved and unaltered because our Algen extract is extracted in cold water. As a result, the extract is abundant in both macronutrients (such N, P, K, Ca, Mg, and S) and micronutrients (Mn, Cu, Fe & Zn).

High concentrations of natural hormones, polysaccharides, and proteins are also included in Algen Extract.

Algen Extract is a crucial addition to the plant's basic nutrition since these compounds encourage healthy root growth.

Your plant's immune system benefits greatly from algen extract, which offers improved resistance to illness and pests.

The benefits of the Norwegian kelp, which is particularly special, will become clear in a few days. Algen Extract will spoil your plants, and they'll thank you for it with quicker, healthier development.

Dilution Rate For Algen extract

Algen Extract is diluted at a rate of 1ml/

APPLICATION For Algen Extract

Add your base nutrient (such as Cocos, Hydro, or Soil) to the water container to start preparing your nutrient container. Include your Algen Extract and other H&G supplements. According to the stage of plant development, adjust the pH and EC levels.

The algen extract in your bottles may congeal or solidify. This might happen because the product is so potent and concentrated and contains so many distinct chemicals. Don't worry; just combine water and Algen extract vigorously. Older bottles should continue to be used as a result.

For usage in licenced, medical farms, all H&G Products have received clearance.


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