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House & Garden Cocos A & B

Made for Growth And Bloom!

Home & Garden Coco Base Nutrient is made up of liquid nutrients and trace elements and does not contain any bulking agents.

This facilitates the transition from the root zone to the plant. Coco foundation nutrition is made out of the cleanest, highest-quality nutrients available on the market today, such as Eddha-Fe (iron).

This allows the plant to absorb nutrients more quickly and effectively. In short, if you want to give your plants a great start, apply House & Garden A&B Coco.

The fundamental nutrients in House & Garden comprise a wide spectrum of helpful components.

Humic and Fulvic acids boost nutrient uptake and transportation, which promotes healthy plant growth and root zone absorption capability.

Designed For Gardeners Who Use A Medium Containing 40% or More Coco Substrate. 

House & Garden nutrients are constructed of a totally new composition, structure, and method of preparation using only food and pharmaceutical grade ingredients, making Cocos A&B's groundbreaking in its formulation.

House & Garden Cocos base nutrients are made entirely of liquid base components rather than powdered.

This, combined with our cutting-edge mixing technique, ensures that Cocos A&B is the cleanest, most concentrated base nutrient on the market.

H&G is produced in a one-of-a-kind facility in California, ensuring precise uniformity with every batch.



Fill your nutrition container two-thirds full of water.

Add portion A of the nutrition first and circulate thoroughly before adding part B of the nutrient.

Begin the growth cycle with an EC of 1.2, gradually increasing until the end of bloom, and finishing with an EC of around 2.0.

At this time, add any root development stimulators or blooming stimulators, then top up the container to the desired level.

Adjust the pH to align with the nutrition solution.

Do not combine A&B, since this may cause a chemical reaction in the nutrient, resulting in the solidification of some elements of the nutrient and insufficient food for your plants.

This could also cause some irrigation piping to become clogged.

For best results use House & Garden Cocos.

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