Hy-Gen Coirlite Coco Perlite 70/30 Blend - 50L

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Hy-Gen Coirlite 50L (Coco - Perlite 70/30)

If you're looking for medium that is superior in drainage, aeration, pH stable that is nutrient rich , Hy-Gen Corilite will be a must have for your hydroponic grow!

Enhance your hydroponic set up with ultimate blend of natural coir and perlite!

Hy Gen's pH stable nutrient rich media helps promote optimal drainage and aeration ensuring your plants get the healthy root development they deserve and vigorous plant growth!

  • Superior drainage & Aeration - 70/30 coir perlite ratio helps optimise drainage and aeration, preventing overwatering and root rot
  • pH Stability -  maintains a stable pH level preventing nutrient lockout and ensuring optimal nutrient and uptake for robust plant growth
  • Nutrient rich formula - Enhanced with beneficial fungi/bacteria Trichoderma which helps promote root growth , nutrient uptake boosting your plants overall health.
  • Natural & Safe - Free from harmful chemicals

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