Hydro Axis Scrog Tent Net

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A Hydro Axis Scrog Tent Net is a piece of equipment used in indoor growing to help maximise yield and improve plant health.

It is a mesh netting that is stretched across the top of a grow tent and used to train plants to grow horizontally rather than vertically.

This allows more light to reach the lower parts of the plant, resulting in healthier and more productive plants.

  • Increased yield: A well-trained scrog canopy will allow more light to reach the lower parts of the plant, resulting in increased yield.
  • Improved plant health: A scrog canopy will help to improve the air circulation around the plant, which can help to prevent mold and other problems.
  • Easier harvesting: A scrog canopy makes it easier to harvest the plants, as the flowers are all located in one layer.

Simple, easy-to-use elastic netting will allow for more regular and natural placement by extending as the plant grows while yet holding the tips down!

How do I use a Hydro Axis Scrog Tent Net?

To use a Hydro Axis Scrog Tent Net, simply stretch it across the top of your grow tent and secure it in place.

Once the net is in place, you can start training your plants to grow horizontally.

This can be done by gently bending the stems of the plants and weaving them through the net.

As the plants grow, they will continue to grow horizontally, creating a uniform canopy that is evenly exposed to light.

Scrog Nets are highly popular among growers operating in small spaces or with restricted vertical height.

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