Hydro Chunk - 10KG

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Hydro Chunk - 10KG

The Ultimate Drainage!

Hydro Chunk is a high-quality drainage material specifically designed for hydroponic growers.

It is made from Amorphous Silica Rock, offering an innovative solution for hydroponic systems.

How should Hydro Chunk be used?

To activate the ultimate drainage system, simply place a single layer of Hydro Chunk at the bottom of each pot. This will provide the necessary drainage and other benefits.

What are the benefits of using Hydro Chunk?

Hydro Chunk offers a number of benefits for hydroponic growers, including:

  • Lightweight: Hydro Chunk is much lighter than traditional drainage materials, such as clay balls, making it easier to transport and handle.
  • Durable: Hydro Chunk is very durable and will not break down over time.
  • Excellent drainage: Hydro Chunk has excellent drainage, which helps to prevent root rot and other problems.
  • Good aeration: Hydro Chunk has good aeration, which helps to promote healthy root growth.
  • Thermal barrier: Hydro Chunk acts as a thermal barrier, which helps to keep the roots of your plants cool in hot weather.
  • Lateral movement of water and nutrients: Hydro Chunk allows for lateral movement of water and nutrients, which helps to ensure that your plants are getting the nutrients they need.
  • Won't break down: Hydro Chunk will not break down over time, so you do not have to worry about replacing it.
  • Promotes root strength and structure: Hydro Chunk promotes root strength and structure, which helps your plants grow healthier and stronger.
  • Prevents unwanted visitors: Hydro Chunk is a natural pest deterrent, which helps to keep your plants safe from pests.

Can Hydro Chunk be reused?

Hydro Chunk is primarily intended for single-use purposes.

However, it can be rinsed and cleaned for potential reuse, depending on the specific situation and grower's preference.

Please note that specific usage instructions or further information may be available on the product packaging or by contacting the manufacturer directly.

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