General Electric Lucalox XO 600W Lamp

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GE Lucalox XO (High Yield) can even meet the needs of the most knowledgeable and demanding growers. You reach include:

Optimal Growth

The spectral distribution of Lucalox XO ensures optimal growth that at the same time shorter conversion times with lower costs for chemical fertilizers are involved. Plants can also be timely marketed at those times when demand is greatest (as on Valentine’s Day) and the prices are the highest.
High Productivity

Whether you Lucalox XO now used as a constant source of growth or only to lengthen the day, it allows you to achieve high yields through complete control of the growth process. This means more products and increased yields, even in the dead of winter.
Superior Quality of Plants

The quality of the main export markets has never been so high. Lucalox XO can help farmers grow the highest quality plants, with stronger steal, lush flowers growth and shapely foliage – perfect plants, on time and always.

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