Lumatek 400V HPS DE Lamp - 600w | 1000w

Size: 600W 400V
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Lumatek 400V HPS DE Lamp

This Double-Ended (DE) pulse-start lamp is designed for use with Lumatek electronic ballasts and is made with high-quality ceramic arc tube technology and a horticultural gas blend that produces ideal spectrum output for healthy plant growth.

Double-ended HPS lamps are more stable than single-ended HPS lamps, allowing for a 10% increase in light intensity and PAR/PPF output.

The enhanced light intensity also enables the lamp to be positioned further from plant canopy boosting light footprint & light uniformity if desired

Because of the PCA ceramic arc tube, the lamp can operate at greater internal temperatures, improving colour rendering, output, and efficiency.

PCA prevents contact with the chemicals inside the tube which stabilises the chemical mix during the life of the lamp, hence enhancing colour consistency and PAR/PPF level maintenance.

Pulse-start technology allows for faster start-up and restart times, longer bulb life, and higher lumen maintenance.

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