Lumatek Ultimate 600W 400V Ballast

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  • Input Voltage: 215-240V 50/60Hz

  • Input Current: 2.8-3.0A

  • Dimming: 400W-400W SL-600W-600W SL

  • Lamp: 400W, 600W MH/HPS 240V & 400V

  • Efficiency: 95%


The Lumatek Ultimate Pro 600W has been specifically designed to help the hobby grower access the benefits of using electronics to control and power both 240V MH/HPS and professional 400V HPS horticultural lamps.

The Lumatek Ultimate Pro automatically detects the lamp connected and then powers that light.

The 400V lamps are superior to the 240V lamps traditionally used in the hobby hydroponics and indoor garden markets due to their increased efficiency and greater PAR spectrum output.

Photosynthetic Active Radiation (PAR) refers to the part of the light spectrum that plants actually use to photosynthesize and make energy to grow.

Using microprocessor and software controlled electronics, the Lumatek Ultimate 600 is an ultra-high frequency ballast operating at 120KHz (120,000 cycles per second) for 400V and 90KHz for 240V lamps.

The new addition of Control capability allows you to smartly monitor your room temperatures, light timing, automation, safety control and dimming. By simply connecting the Lumatek Digital Panel (sold separately) into the TRS “Link” port on your controllable ballast.

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