Mammoth Silica

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Mammoth Silica - 250mL | 500mL

Increase your plants stem strength and upright structure! 

MAMMOTH® SI was specially designed to give you with a single formula and application rate to use during your whole development cycle.

To maximize plant uptake of silicon, we can boost the bioavailability of silicic acid thanks to our special formulation.

Silica aids in the formation of cells in plants and has been shown to boost the creation of cell walls.

Consider silica as the mortar holding bricks or, in this instance, cells together to produce a more robust framework for the plant.

Cell walls can function more effectively and efficiently thanks to this structure.

Growers can use one modest use rate (0.13 mL/L) of our special formulation from early growth all the way through bloom.

With a unique formulation, it offers more concentration, and growers can use one low use rate from early growth to bloom.

In summary, it simplifies the growing process and maximizes plant growth.


Instructions for Use
  • For use in hydroponic or continuous liquid feed programs.
  • Apply 0.5 mL per gallon to the reservoir every 5-7 days and adjust pH accordingly.

Guaranteed Analysis

  • Total Nitrogen (N)………… 0.1%
    • 0.1% Nitrate Nitrogen
  • Soluble Potash (K2O)……..0.5%
  • Calcium (Ca)………………….0.1%
Also contains non-plant food ingredient
  • 0.5% Soluble Silicon (Si)

Why you need Silica; 

Silica is essential for plant development because it promotes cellular development and boosts the formation of cell walls. Cells are held together by it like mortar, giving the plant a more durable skeleton. This better framework makes it possible for cell walls to operate more efficiently, which enhances plant performance.

The strength of cell walls, which is necessary for creating dense blooms and high yields, can also be increased by silica. Large flowers require thick stems to support them, especially when outside producers must contend with unfavorable weather conditions like strong winds and storms.

By enabling plants to grow thicker stems, silica allows for more efficient nutrient transfer throughout the plant, promoting growth in areas where nutrients are most needed. In summary, incorporating silica in your plant growth process can lead to improved strength, stature, and yield

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