Micron Filter Bags 10 pack - 45 Microns

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Micron Filter Bags 10 pack - 45 Microns

45 micron filter bags are used to make bubble hash, a type of solventless hash made by freezing and then pressing plant material.

The 45 micron mesh size allows the passage of small trichomes and other plant matter, while trapping larger particles.

What are the benefits of using 45 micron filter bags?

Using 45 micron filter bags can help you to make high-quality bubble hash with a high yield. The small mesh size allows you to capture the finest trichomes, which are the most flavorful and potent part of the plant.

How do I use 45 micron filter bags?

To use 45 micron filter bags, you will need to freeze your plant material and then break it up into small pieces. Place the pieces of plant material in the filter bag and then press the bag with a hydraulic press. The pressure will force the trichomes out of the plant material and into the bag.

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