Milwaukee PH55 PRO pH & Temperature Tester with ATC & Replaceable Probe

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Milwaukee PH55 PRO pH & Temperature Tester with ATC & Replaceable Probe

The Milwaukee pH55 PRO pH Tester, which has dual level LCD readouts, an easily changeable probe, and extended pH ranges to accommodate practically any application, is one of the most precise, cost-effective, well-rounded, tough, and reliable testers on the market. Its 1- or 2-point automated calibration is user-friendly and provides TWO options for memory buffers.

Suitable for use in a variety of applications, including hydroponics, horticulture, education, swimming pools, and beer.

Provided by the Milwaukee pH55 PRO pH Meter are


The Waterproof pH55 PRO tester is simple to use and accurate to 0.1 pH & +/-0.5°C (+/-1°F).

For constant accuracy, the Tester offers simple two-point automatic calibration and automatic temperature adaptation.

Why use litmus paper when you can get findings that are guaranteed to be accurate from a digital LCD?


The tester has a pH probe that can be swapped out and has a double junction probe for longer life.


The two junction design of the probe enables rapid and precise pH readings and response times.


It's no longer a concern to drop your tester when taking measurements. The pH55 PRO is IP65 water resistant.


The pH55 PRO weighs just 3.5 ounces, which makes it lighter than comparable testers and easier to use.


A sizable Dual Level LCD display with readable graphic symbols makes calibrating or reading your measurement simple. This eliminates the element of guesswork associated with litmus paper.


  • Large digital LCD readout provides quick, easy-to-read results.
  • wide pH range and extremely accurate pH measurement to 0.1 pH (-2.0 pH to 16.0 pH).
  • Resolution down to pH 0.1.
  • portability and lightness.
  • Simple measurement: insert the probe into the sample, gently agitate, watch for a stable reading on the stability indicator, and then freeze the reading.
  • Does fulley compensate for temperature? (ATC).
  • Simple One- or two-point calibration automatically.
  • Two sets of buffers with pre-memory.
  • Double connection pH electrode that is filled with gel for low maintenance and good performance.
  • Battery life of more than 300 hours (batteries included).
  • completely watertight to IP65.
  • Mi56P pH replacement electrode.


Every pH sensor has a lifespan, and reaction time lengthens with age. You may get quick, accurate results for a longer period of time by properly maintaining your pH pen tester. As a result, make sure you checkout with the Milwaukee pH Maintenance Kit code PH-Main! This will be required to prepare the pH electrode for usage by cleaning and conditioning it.

These are our top four suggestions.
1. Always store buffer or storage solution MA9015, not water, with the cap fully on.
2. Regularly clean your Tester by soaking it in MA9016 cleaning solution.
3. To account for changes in the pH sensor, calibrate after cleaning and/or storing before testing.
4. To get a quicker result, gently swirl the Tester in the sample.

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