Miron Violet Glass Jar & Lid

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 Miron Violet Glass Jar & Lid

Protect your natural products from harmful light rays while allowing in beneficial visible violet, non-visible UVA, and far-infrared light!

Make your natural product last a lot longer and perserve it's quality and potency!

Miron Violet Glass is an extremely scientific way to store plants or biological things! Our tincture bottles are created specifically for the safe storage and administration of dietary supplements made from botanical or herbal ingredients.
To shield your items from damaging light energy, Miron Glass uses a specialised type of violet-glass. This preserves bioenergy, lessens ageing, and improves flavour.

Many different violet glass shapes date back to ancient Egypt!

These unique protective qualities were utilised by Ancient Egyptian civilisations to store and protect sacred items. In violet glass vials, generally with a gold trim, were housed precious essences and therapeutic organic items!
Knowing of the practical qualities of these containers, alchemists in the mediaeval ages are also claimed to have employed violet glass to bottle and preserve their numerous experiments.
Over the past few hundred years, violet glass has become obsolete due to advancements in industrialisation and the appearance of "new" packing materials.

Since 1995, when MIRON Violet glass was first produced commercially, changes have been made to the composition, manufacturing process, and verification procedures.
The benefits of MIRON violet glass containers are being discovered by more and more manufacturers of high-quality natural products!

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