Mojo Cow PS-1 Light System - 2 X 24W | 8500K

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Mojo Cow PS-1 Light System - 2 X 24W | 8500K

What is the PS-1?

The PS-1 is a very efficient T5 fluorescent lighting system that enables you to create and customize individual lighting needs.

How does it work?

  • Each fitting holds one 24 watt high output fluorescent lamp with its own highly efficient reflector.
  • You can run more (or less) lamps as required by clipping more fittings onto the specially designed spine.
  • The first lamp connects directly to a 240 volt power source.
  • To add an extra lamp, simply plug it into the existing lamp with a link cable.
  • Up to three extra lamps can be added (maximum of 4 lamps per circuit).

What are the advantages of the PS-1?

  • Energy efficient (up to 50% savings compared to T8 fluorescent lighting)
  • Silent and cool operation
  • Minimal heat production
  • Reliable performance
  • Low weight and profile
  • Easy installation with plug & play technology
  • Built-in reflectors increase effective down light by 30% or more

What are the safety features of the PS-1?

All links are made with 3 core cabling (neutral, live, and earth) ensuring a grounded, safe earth system when connecting multiple units.


    • Propagator Lid Mounting – Use tube clips and sucker stands. The alternative is using nylon bolts & nuts to attach the lights on the lid of the propagator.
    • Adjustable Lighting – This allows you to suspend your light system above your plants and be able to adjust the lighting system as the plants grow.
    • Surface Mounting – Surface mounting clips are provided that allow you to mount the lights on any flat surface. A perfect choice for confined areas.
    • Supplemental Lights – Large flowering plants will benefit from vertically hung lighting placed between the plants, particularly at lower levels.

When to choose white light:

  • For leafy greens or vegetative growth
  • For plants that prefer a cooler light spectrum
  • For plants that are sensitive to heat

When to choose purple light:

  • For cuttings or clones
  • For plants that prefer a warmer light spectrum
  • For plants that are not sensitive to heat

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