Nutrifield Cargo Boost

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Cargo Boost contains a unique combination of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and polysaccharides to supplement nutrient profiles and promote micronutrient uptake.

Cargo Boost components bind to micronutrients to form soluble, plant-bioavailable complexes – a process referred to as chelation. These chelated micronutrients are easily utilised by the plant, allowing improved micronutrient uptake by plants as needed, to support healthy, vigorous plant growth.

Nutrifield® Cargo Boost® sequesters nutrients in nanoclusters preventing them from bonding with other particles and becoming insoluble complex molecules. Our proprietary nutrient delivery system then brings those smaller molecules to the roots where they are readily assimilated. By maintaining nutrients in plant bio-available form, the supply is improved, less nutrients and energy are wasted, and plants feed more consistently ensuring rapid growth.

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