Nutrifield Premium Hydro Clay Ball 50L

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Nutrifield Hydro Clay Ball 50L

Hydro Clay ball is a premium quality substrate developed in Germany that consists of spheres of expanded clay ball that give inert structural support for plant roots in hydroponic systems.

High levels of aeration are provided by the constantly circular form (8–16 mm), which guarantees incredibly quick drainage and unhindered root growth.

In comparison to other solid substrates, the clay balls are also less prone to disease and pest infestation.

The best substrate for supporting structural integrity and ensuring effective liquid drainage during plant growth is hydro clay ball.

Aeration and Drainage to the Fullest

Large particle size and high porosity of Nutrifield Hydro Clay ball enable extraordinarily high levels of aeration throughout the substrate.

Additionally, the clay ball balls achieve almost perfect drainage because they don't hold onto fluids. Hydro clay ball is a perfect substrate for continuous feeding systems because of this.

Flexible substrate

The very adaptable Nutrifield Hydro Clay ball can be used as a stand-alone substrate, mixed with other substrates, or as a liner in a pot to improve drainage.

By keeping the top of the substrate dry when placed on top of other substrates, Nutrifield Hydro Clay ball can lessen the prevalence of algae, fungus gnats, and undesired weeds on the surface.


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