O6i 1200W

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O6i 1200W

50% Increase In Output, 42% Increase in Efficiency!

What is the FOHSE Lighting 06i model?

The FOHSE Lighting 06i is a 1200-watt LED lamp built exclusively for glasshouse illumination.

It stands out from other options on the market thanks to its small size and high photon density, which boosts biomass production and carbon assimilation.

What are the benefits of using the Fohse 06i?

  • Increased yield: When compared to a 1000-watt DE HPS system, the 06i can produce up to 50% greater yield.
  • Quality improvement: The 06i's higher photon density can result in higher-quality fruits and flowers.
  • Less heat: The 06i doesn't emit an infrared spike, which helps reduce energy use and improve glasshouse comfort.
  • Enhanced safety: The 06i is shielded from the risks associated with changing humidity and moisture.
  • Utilisation: The 06i has wireless internet and a mobile app for control, making it simple to operate.

How does the 06i facilitate an easy transition from HPS to LED systems?

The 06i is made to make switching from an HPS glasshouse system to an LED system easier. There are no significant modifications needed to the current electrical or structural infrastructure.

The 06i offers farmers a 50% increase in output over a 1000-watt DE HPS system, a 42% increase in efficiency, and the absence of an infrared spike that produces extra heat.

What are the Light Harvesting sensors in the 06i system?

The 06i system incorporates Light Harvesting sensors that measure natural light levels in the greenhouse.

These sensors detect changes in light conditions, such as cloud cover or seasonal daylight fluctuations.

Based on these measurements, the system can self-adjust in real time, with increments as little as 1 percent, ensuring optimal lighting conditions as the greenhouse environment evolves.

The system operates wirelessly and can be controlled through a mobile app.

How does the 06i ensure efficient operation and cooling?

The 06i utilizes both passive and active cooling methods to maintain peak efficiency.

It features aircraft-grade aluminum heat sinks and two hyper-efficient variable speed fans to keep the LEDs operating at optimal temperature levels.

Is the 06i system protected against humid environments?

Yes, the 06i system is designed for damp environments and is protected against fluctuating humidity.

With an IP67 rating, it can withstand potential risks associated with condensation, which is common in greenhouses.

The system is built to resist the dangers of moisture and can even be hosed down post-harvest without the need for removal.

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