Odour Neutralising Agent Gels - 1L | 3L

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Odour Neutralising Agent Gels

Smell Proof Your Room!

Due to its controlled release formula, which provides an ongoing treatment of odours over a longer period of time, this gel-based solution is excellent for usage in bigger rooms.

Put the Neutralising Agent Gel container where you want it and remove the lid. The speed of the product's effectiveness can be increased by using a fan to blow air over it.

This will help the agent deploy into the environment of the room, but it will also deplete the product faster, necessitating regulation based on the size of the room.

Additionally, the product can be decanted to distribute small amounts throughout a space without the use of a fan.

Block Unnecessary small with noise satisfaction smells!

The product, which is available in a 1 litre tub or a 3 litre jar, can be refreshed using liquid "Odour Neutralizing Agent" (O.N.A.).

When a 1 litre tub is full, top it off with tap water and add 250 ml of "Odor Neutralizing Agent" (O.N.A.) liquid (pH neutral).

Before using, give the gel a good shake and wait an hour to allow it to reactivate.

Please take note that shaking the gel before use and every other day to allow the neutralising agent to completely mix with the gel will keep the gel functioning at its best.

Pet-safe and perfect for use at home or the office.

Three different scents are offered:

  • Pacu
  • Pro
  • Linen

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