Optic Foliar Rev - 250mL

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Optic Foliar Rev - 250mL

Optic Foliar REV is an outstanding nutrient solution for rapidly growing plants. The plants will develop noticeably faster and demand more nutrients after Optic Foliar WATTS application.

Optic Foliar REV steps in at this point to give the plant extra nourishment in order to supplement the rapid growth rates induced by WATTS.

The optimum application of REV is with Transport Optic Foliar REV provides the majority of the micronutrients, organic vitamins, amino acids, carbohydrate sugars, and B1 as essential additional building blocks for flower development, quality, taste, and flavour.

This aids the plant in maintaining its highly accelerated growth and flowering rates, resulting in greener and healthier plants, as well as higher-quality crop yields.

  • Shake items vigorously before using.

  • Spraying with the lights on, not changing the foliar spray's pH, and avoiding spraying electrical or lighting components

  • enduring stability when combined

  • For a more versatile mixture, atak or a natural pesticide (link) can be added.

  • Can also include a fungicide or pesticide

  • Useful for cuttings and seedlings as well 

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