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Optic Foliar Transport

Use Optic Foliar And Give Your Plants A Brighter Future , By Getting Rid of Unnecessary Pesticide!

Optic Foliar Transport outstanding spreading and wetting properties let you spray in the sunlight without fear of burning or being damaged.

Use Optic Foliar TRANSPORT in combination with any foliar solution to spray in direct light without risking harm or scorching, leaving behind waste that must be washed off, or needing to spray the undersides of the leaves.

The only spreader that maximises absorption to the plants' mesophyll layer is transportation.

Transport Can Reduce Pesticide Use Up to 70%!

The days of spraying the undersides of the leaves are past since this enables growers to spray in full sunlight, eliminates the need to pH the spray solution, and reduces the pesticide concentration by 50–75%. 

More Information about Optic Foliar Transport

  • It is better to use product half strength with TRANSPORT at full power on first spray when mixing with pesticides, fungicides, or any other competitor-branded foliar performance product.

  • Test on a few plants before spraying entire garden.

  • Long-term storage capacity: Any mixed solutions should be kept away from HID illumination in a cool, dark location.

  • For best results, use distilled water.

  • Before spraying, thoroughly shake the products.

  • While the lights are on, spray.

  • Never change the pH of a foliar spray.

  • Don't spray any lighting or electrical equipment.

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