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Optic Foliar Watts

Increase The Production Of Photosynthesis

Optic foliar Watts enables the plant to make use of extra energy supplied to it by sunshine and added HID lights.

This enables the plant to maximise the Calvin Cycle and experience exponentially higher growth rates, which result in better harvests.

For plants to develop properly, high-quality hydroponic lights and ballasts are essential.

Faster Growth and Nutrient Uptake With Optic Foliar Watts

For plants to develop successfully, high-quality hydroponic lights and ballasts are essential.

The plant will be able to use light more effectively and efficiently by using Optic Foliar WATTS, which will significantly speed up growth.

Watts increase the ATP cycle in the leaves, which is also known as the "molecular unit of currency of intercellular energy," by stimulating the formation of chlorophyll and chloroplasts.

As a result, Optic Foliar Watts can be utilised to accelerate plant development and light efficiency within the mesophyll layer of the leaves, resulting in a quicker and higher uptake of nutrients.

Increased Efficiency

Watts works with your lights to promote greater growth and nutrient intake from the root zone. It is the most concentrated and cost-effective light energy spray on the market and won't curl, harm, or burn leaves.

As a result, bushier, healthier plants are "pushed" into developing their blooms earlier in order to produce greater harvest yields.


    1. Mix the concentrate after shaking it.

    2. Spray solution should be diluted with 7.5 ml/1.5 tsp of TRANSPORT, REV & WATTS for every litre/quart.

    3. Throughout the growth stage and up until week four of flower, mist leaves two to three times each week.

    4. Sprayable on cuttings, seedlings, vegetable and flower plants

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