Organic Crop Protectants - Eco Neem

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Organic Crop Protectants - Eco Neem

Get Rid Of Pesticide Organically Without Harming Your Plants!

What is Eco Neem?

Eco Neem is an organic insecticide derived from neem tree extracts.

It is a broad-spectrum insecticide that can be applied to soil to control a range of chewing and sucking insects, including caterpillars, curl grubs, wingless grasshoppers, aphids, mites, lawn armyworms, citrous leafminers, whiteflies, mealybugs, and fungus gnats.

It will also control sooty mold.

How does Eco Neem work?

Eco Neem works in multiple ways.

It can increase insect appetite, which can lead to starvation.

It can also restrict insect growth, which can prevent them from molting and developing into adults.

Is Eco Neem safe to use?

Eco Neem is generally considered to be safe to use. It is safe for pets, birds, lizards and beneficial insects, including bees.

However, it is important to avoid using it around ponds and in aquaponics, as it can be harmful to fish.

How do I use Eco Neem?

Eco Neem can be applied to the soil or as a foliar spray.

Mix 1-2 millilitres of Eco Neem with 1 litre of water to create a foliar spray.

Mix 5–10 millilitres of Eco Neem with 1 litre of water to create a soil drench.

Follow the label's recommendations when applying the spray or drench to the afflicted plants.

How often should I use Eco Neem?

To control a pest infestation, Eco Neem may need to be applied more than once.

The type of bug and the degree of the infestation will determine how frequently applications are made.

Can Eco Neem be used on edible plants? 

Currently, Eco Neem is approved for use on ornamental plants only.

It does not have approval for use on edible plants.

Please follow the product guidelines and restrictions to ensure proper use.

Is Eco Neem organic?

Yes, Eco Neem is registered as an organic insecticide by Australian Organic.

It meets the requirements and standards set for organic farming practices.

    • Controls a very broad range of chewing and sucking insects
    • Stabilised neem extract with a 2 year shelf-life from Date of Manufacture
    • Very concentrated and used at low rates (2-3ml/L for most pests)
    • Safe for beneficial insects including bees
  • Registered Organic (Australian Organic)

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