Organic Living Soil

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Organic Living Soil

Our living soil is a nutrient-rich growing medium optimized for all potted and raised bed plants. It features a high capacity for nutrient and water retention, coupled with ideal air porosity, ensuring your plants thrive from seedling to harvest.

Key Benefits:

  • Nutrient-Rich Composition: Developed from extensive testing and analysis, our soil contains a balanced mix of minerals, offering complete nutritional support for full crop cycles in appropriately sized containers.
  • Quality Organic Amendments: We enrich our soil with top-grade organic inputs such as worm castings, compost, peat, wood fiber, perlite, and lava rock. Our meticulous mixing process, refined over years of trials, preserves the integrity of these components, resulting in a media that combines nutrient density with excellent porosity.
  • Optimized for Plant Growth: The soil's structure and chemistry are designed to support a vibrant soil ecosystem and robust root development. It's packed with organic nutrients, ready to fuel soil biology and plant growth over long growing seasons.
  • Sustainability and Quality: Produced in Australia with the highest standards of quality control, our living soil is NASAA certified organic. It supports sustainable gardening practices, reducing waste by eliminating the need for disposable containers and minimizing the use of fertilizers.
  • Versatile Use: Ideal for fast-growing, nutrient-demanding crops, this soil ensures exceptional yields under optimal conditions. It's suitable for multiple cycles in large containers and can be amended as needed for continued use.

Composition Includes:

  • Sphagnum peat moss, perlite, wood fiber, scoria, and more, enhanced with a variety of organic nutrients like basalt rock dust, malted barley, and Tasmanian kelp meal, among others.

Promoting a Healthy Ecosystem:

  • Encourages a diverse ecosystem of beneficial microbes and predatory insects, integral to nutrient cycling and plant protection.

For Sustainable Gardening:

  • An ideal base for no-till gardening, our soil is designed for reuse, aligning with sustainable practices. Discover more about this gardening system through our FAQs.

NASAA Certified Organic:

  • Committed to environmental sustainability and plant health, our living soil stands as a testament to organic excellence, ready to elevate your gardening experience with minimal environmental impact.

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