Phresh Hyperfan Climate Control V2

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Hyper Fan Climate Control V2

The updated Climate Controller suits the new Phresh Hyper Fans V2, standard and silenced.

With a Phresh Hyper Fan Climate Controller V2 unit, you can adjust your interior atmosphere even more easir.

Simply choose the minimum fan speed (to reduce humidity at night) and the desired temperature.

Making your life easier, The inlet and outlet Phresh Hyper Fans are controlled automatically!

The V2 Hyper Climate Control is a dedicated climate controller that works in conjunction with the V2 hyperfans.

It replaces the fan speed controller by simply connecting into the same outlet that the fan speed unit does.

This enables the Hyper fan to be thermostatically controlled for both day and night, with a high/low fan speed control included into the controller.

Save Your Energy As The Fan and Control System Consume The Least Amount Of Energy! 

Simply set your temperature (day and night) and minimum fan speed (day and night), and when the room reaches the set temperature, the fans ramp up to full speed. When the temperature drops below the set temperature, the fans ramp down to the minimum fan speed set on the dial.

When setting the minimum fan speed, leave some air flowing through the room so your filter can continue to remove pollutants.

Features of the Hyper Fan Climate Control

  • Fan speed can be adjusted thermostatically as needed.

  • Two Phresh Hyper Fans are controlled (inlet and outlet)

  • Maintains constant day temperature

  • When the temperature declines, the fan speed returns to the custom Fan Speed.

  • All cords, plugs, and adaptor cables are included.

  • Climate Control is Simple to Use Once per cycle, set the desired air temperature. Set the minimum fan speed ONCE per cycle... and then leave it alone!


      • Set the desired air temperature ONCE at start of each cycle

      • Set the minimum fan speed % ONCE at the start of each cycle

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