Plant Mechanics Mega PK - 1L | 5L

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Plant Mechanics Mega PK - 1L | 5L

Plant Mechanics' quantum leap formulation provides a strong blooming enhancer.
Give your crop a special floral development boost.

A ground-breaking phosphorus and potassium combination called MEGA PK includes special biostimulants designed specifically for floral growth. MEGA PK will increase blossom weight and potency by utilising a special refining of carboxylic acids in conjunction with various types of phosphorus and potassium.

Increased Flower Sites and Potency: Natural dynamic mineral forms of PK promote a quicker flower set as well as more and more flower sites.

Strong Formula: MEGA PK is the best floral enhancer because it is made to perform with all substrates and mineral fertigation programmes!

Quick Results: Your crop will see quick effects if you combine PK and biostimulants.
increased PK response and uptake!



Total Phosphorus……13%

Total Potassium……..14%

APPLICATION: SOIL/HYDRO/COCO MEGA PK is an potent flower booster.
Designed to promote aggressive floral development using PK and biostimulants to supercharge your flowers.

Use from Week 4-7 Bloom

DIRECTIONS: Dilute MEGA PK into your reservoir or watering can.
Suitable for all substrate types.

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