Plus Plant Conditioner - 750mL | 5L

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Size: 750ml (Spray Bottle)
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Plus ( Old Name Is Vitality Plus )

Get rid of Spidermites and other insect pests from your Grow!
Plus is a grower's favorite for pest control and one of the most effective spider mite treatments on the market.

Spray generously all over the affected sections of the plant in a well-ventilated area to eradicate a spider mite infestation with just one application of plus.

Spider mites on cuttings can also be prevented by using plus.

Plus is not only effective against Spider Mites; it also works against Whiteflies, Greenflies, Mealy Bugs, Thrips, and Fungal Gnats.

Plus is a ready-to-use conditioner and foliar spray as well.

A thorough treatment of the leaves will result in a positive revivification of plants that have been severely damaged by an insect infestation.

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