PowerPlant Metal Halide - HPS 600W Dual Arc Lamp

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 PowerPlant MH-HPS 600W Dual Arc Lamp

The Dual Arc Lamp is a lamp that combines metal halide with high-pressure sodium.

Many professional growers begin with metal halide for initial growth, but when plants begin to flower, they want the warm hue of the dawn and sunset, which is where the warm, almost orange colour of a high pressure sodium lamp comes in.

The Dual Arc light was invented so growers would no longer have to rotate their plants between the two sources. The Dual Arc Lamp is a 1000-watt and delivers one of the most complete, and fullest colour spectrum bulbs in the market.

Under the same lighting system, plants can grow from seed to fruit.

The Dual Arc lamps works with HPS, switchable or electronic-HID ballasts and can be installed in any orientation.

Colour improved spectrum for optimum growth, profuse flowering and maximised harvest. A terrific lamp that produces excellent results.

PowerPlant Metal Halide - HPS 600W Dual Arc Lamp Features; 

    • 600 Watt

    • Colour Temp: 2500K

  • Bulb Position: Horizontal



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