PowerPlant Super HPS Lamps

Size: 250W
Sale price$30.00

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  • Super HPS 250w lamp – 32,000 lumens.

  • Super HPS 400w lamp – 55,000 lumens

  • Super HPS 600w lamp – 90,000 lumens

  • Super HPS 1000w lamp – 120,000 lumens


The Powerplant Super High Pressure Sodium range of grow lamps, are some of the most reliable, high-output lamps currently available. These High Intensity Discharge, High Pressure Sodium Lamps are designed to provide the perfect spectrum for your plants in their flowering period, helping to ensure fast-growing, high yields.

These lamps are enhanced to provide a mainly red spectrum of light which plants need to flower successfully. And because Powerplant are Super High Pressure Sodium, this means the light produced is far more usable to plants than standard HPS Bulbs.

With a long life of about 24,000 hours the Powerplant Super HPS range is great value for money – you should easily get 12-18 months of high output, before lumen levels even begin to drop.

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