Professor's Nutrients Ultra Flush

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Professor's Nutrients Ultra Flush

Remove Excess Salt Buildup and enhance a better quality crop!

Professor's Ultra Flush removes excess salt buildup from the growing medium, allowing plants to absorb nutrients more efficiently.

It also promotes final bud swell and increases terpenoid production.

When should I use Professor's Ultra Flush?

Professor's Ultra Flush can be used in two ways:

  • During weeks 1 and 4 of the flowering stage, add 3ml per 1L of water to the nutrient tank and feed as normal. This will help to prevent nutrient lockout and improve harvest quality.
  • One week before harvest, add 3ml per 1L of water to the nutrient tank and water plants every day. This will elevate taste, aroma, and overall quality of the final harvest.

What is nutrient lockout?

Nutrient lockout is a condition in which plants are unable to absorb nutrients from the growing medium, even though the nutrients are present.

This can happen when there is too much salt buildup in the growing medium.

How do I correct nutrient lockout with Professor's Ultra Flush?

To correct nutrient lockout, mix 30ml of Professor's Ultra Flush in a 10L bucket and pour the solution directly over the growing medium.

Allow 48 hours for Professor's Ultra Flush to take effect. After 48 hours, resume feeding your plants with nutrients at half strength. After one week, return to your normal full-strength feeding schedule.

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