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 Professor's Organic Grow

Accelerate Plant Growth Easier!

Designed for both outdoor and indoor grows.

The Professor's Organic Nutrient is a high-quality, organic-based supplement with certification. The ideal NPK for growing and flowering crops is delivered by this special formulation, which contains over 72 distinct macro & micronutrients, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and natural hormones.

 Over-fertilization is prevented by the slower rate at which organic fertilisers release nutrients compared to synthetic solutions.

Due to the nutrients' gradual release, they are also available for a longer length of time.

The ability of organic fertilisers to hold more water and nutrients results in higher-quality soil. Natural nutrients are added, beneficial bacteria are fed, and the structure of the soil is improved by organic fertilisers.

Handy tip: To accelerate plant growth and shorten the vegetative cycle, add Grow Fast Organic which is a certified approved premium organic growth enhancer with increased Nitrogen.


  • One-Part Growth Nutrient

  • Encourages root development and soil health

  • Microbial activity increases the crop's vigour

  • Dependable soil conditioner

  • Nitrogen obtained naturally for plant development

  • Thriving, stronger plants

  • Increases resistance to disease, pests, and drought

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