ProLeaf Co2 Generator - 4 Burner

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ProLeaf Co2 Generator - 4 Burner

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Grab a Pro-Leaf CO2 Generator and enrich areas of up to 230m2 with CO2  

It burns liquid propane gas (LPG) to produce CO2 + water vapour. 

They're super flexible - you can modify your CO2 output with ease. To do this, you simply cap off burners (4kW model) or use the handy selector switches (10kW).

Each unit is complete with an electronic solenoid assembly - you can turn off CO2 generation at set times (with no gas leaks!).

Runs on liquid propane gas (LPG) 

Can modify CO2 output! 
 Modify CO2 Output (Caps Included)
No Pilot Flame
The intelligent electronic ignition system removes the need for one.

Suspend It Or Stand It
Suspend it using rope ratchets...Stand it up on the expandable metal leg attachments.

Solenoid Valve Attachment
This allows you to turn the CO2 supply off & on. Never get a controller without a solenoid valve - you won't be able to shut off the gas supply completely.

Tip-Over Safety Switch
There's also a tip-over switch, which cuts power if the unit isn't upright.

Minimal Carbon Deposits
To reduce carbon build ups, the brass burners have chrome lined tips.

Even CO2 Dispersion
CO2 is pushed out of both sides of the unit, thanks to the unique 'V' shaped internal design.

Why Add CO2?
Plants use CO2 for photosynthesis (sugar production). If CO2 is restricted, so is sugar production.
Plants can handle 1000ppm - 1200ppm of CO2. There's only around 400ppm - 450ppm in the air. Bringing that up to the optimum 1200ppm is one of the easiest ways to increases your yield by up to 20%!
 In summer, extra CO2 and also helps plants with heat stress by photosynthesising more!



Kit Contains

  • Gas regulator
  • 3.66m hose
  • Hanging hardware
  • Metal feed
  • 24V power adapter

How To Use

  1. Connect the gasline
  2. Connect to your CO2 controller
    • Full instructions are included.
    • If capping off CO2 burners, always choose burners furthest from the igniter. 
    • Place an air circulator fan next to your generator to spread CO2 evenly in your room. 
    • Don't forget to keep the generator away from exhaust fans so - otherwise an CO2 will be sucked right back out of your grow room. 


The Tech - Liquid Propane Gas (LPG)


4 burners

Operating Pressure-11.0" WC / 2.8 kPa

kW Rating- 2.65

BTU Rating- 9052

CO2 Output p/H (SCF)-10.6 

CO2 Output p/H (m3)-0.30


Dimensions (mm)-380mm x 250mm x 510mm

Coverage (approx) m3-115m3

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