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Rezin is designed to increase the production in your plants, enhancing their aroma and flavor without the use of Plant Growth Regulators (PGRs) or affecting the ppm/EC of your nutrient solution. It's made through a complex fermentation process, utilizing a mix of Ascorbic, Citric, Gluconic, and Lactic Acids.

What Rezin Does:

  • Focuses on improving the processes that generate flavor and aroma in flowering plants.
  • Allows use with your chosen nutrients at full strength, unlike other products that may require nutrient reduction.


  • Does not alter the ppm/EC, enabling full nutrient use.
  • Enhances the visual quality of flowers, making them appear more "crystalline".
  • Boosts overall plant health and growth rate during the vegetative stage.
  • Free from PGRs and banned bio-stimulators.

How to Apply Rezin:

  • Vegetative Stage: Use 1ml per liter (about 4ml/gallon) in the last two weeks to prepare plants for blooming.
  • Bloom Stage: Start with 1ml per liter (4ml/gallon) for the first two weeks, then increase to 2ml per liter (8ml/gallon) from week 3 until harvest.

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