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Rhino K: Organic Bloom Booster

Rhino K is an organic bloom enhancer designed for use in soil, coco, and hydroponic systems. Its unique formula, free from Phosphates, is microbe-friendly, ensuring a thriving soil life unlike other bloom additives that can harm beneficial microorganisms.

Key Benefits:

  • Provides a 15% pure organic Potassium solution, perfect for encouraging more flower sites and enhancing bloom density.
  • Does not harm beneficial soil microbes, promoting a healthy growing environment.
  • Boosts bud burst at the start of flowering and supports calyx hardening and swelling in the final 3 weeks
  • Contains Fulvates and vitamins to optimize nutrient transport and energy for bud formation and oil production.
  • Based on organic K-Citrate for best results when hand watered or added to reservoirs 48 hours before changing.


  • Ideal for organic farming.
  • Enhances flowering sites, resulting in heavier blooms.
  • Results in larger bud calyxes for denser flowers.
  • Enhances color expression at harvest.
  • Leaves no harsh residuals, ensuring a clean final product that flushes easily.

Application Instructions:

  • During Bloom Initiation (First 2 Weeks of Bloom): Mix 1-2ml/L of Rhino K with your watering solution or apply as a foliar spray at 1ml/L twice per week.
  • For Flower Hardening and Resin Production (Last 3 Weeks of Bloom): Add 1-2ml/L to your watering solution, depending on plant size, and apply from week 5 to 8 in a 9-week flowering cycle, before the final flush.

Rhino K supports robust flowering and enhances the overall quality of the harvest, making it a vital addition to any grower's nutrient regimen.

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