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Defend your plants WITHOUT applying pesticides or toxins!

In an intensive growth environment, your plants expend a lot of energy fending off attacks from infections, heat, and other stressors.

Plants have less energy available for development and flowering the more they focus on defence. Because of this, seasoned growers like Advanced Nutrients Rhino Skin. 

Get the most of your plants with Rhino Skin's special ingredient Silica! 

For more intense harvests, Advanced Nutrients Rhino Skin's silicon enhances trichomes and the vital oils that go with them. By thickening and stiffening the crevices between cell walls and mortaring them, it protects your crops.

Therefore, Advanced Nutrients Rhino Skin-supported crops support larger, heavier buds and stand up straighter.

Your plants are free to focus their energy on photosynthesis, cell division (growing and flowering), and other essential processes thanks to Rhino Skin's protection.

Did you know, 10% of the weight of some plants are made up of silica!

Advanced Nutrients Rhino Skin offers more silicon to protect the stems, leaves, and floral components of your plant.

A stronger plant yields more yields and is better equipped to withstand pest insects, fungus diseases, and adverse environmental circumstances.

The issue is that many potting medium and nutrients fall short of providing enough silica to MAXIMISE its advantages, avoid that by using Advanced Nutrients Rhino Skin!

Utilize This Easy Feed Chart Created by Our Research Team for Advanced Nutrients Rhino Skin

  Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Week 7
Rhino Skin 2mL/L 2mL/L 2mL/L 2mL/L 2mL/L 2mL/L FLUSH


During weeks 1 through 6 of your bloom period, use 2 mL/500 sq. ft. or 4 mL/1000 sq. ft. in 2 L of water. Shake firmly before using.


At Advanced Nutrients, none of their products include paclobutrazol, daminozide, or any other prohibited plant growth regulators.


Rhino Skin works flawlessly with all Base Nutrients, including pH Perfect® and non-Ph Perfect® Base Nutrients, as well as all Base Nutrients and Supplements from rival companies.

Rhino Skin contains:

- Potassium silicate (0.4%).

- Silicate dioxide (0.15%).

Rhino Skin Reviews : Customers who has used Rhino Skin has confirmed ;

  • helps the plant resist heat stress by stiffening the stalks and leaves. Unlike in the past, when the temperature reaches 85 degrees, my plants can now withstand it without going into shock.

  • Best product of silicate

  • Doesn't lock up nutrients

  • Protect from Pests

  • No need to daily adjust pH and tds adjustments anymore

  • Bigger, and better fruiting and flowering

  • More Trichomes 

  • Thicker stem

  • Good value ( expensive ) with superior results 

ALL these reviews are qualitative research and are answered from Happy Hydroponic consumers on their experience with Advanced Nutrient Rhino Skin.

In Summary; Their experiences have been all positive, apart from the pricing of the product however you get what you pay for and with quality, an expense is to be made!

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