Rock Resinator

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Rock Resinator

Resinator is a flower enhancer that will help your plants produce more essential oils and bigger, heavier flowers.

Resinator is made with the highest quality soluble phosphorus and potassium, which are essential nutrients for flowering plants.

These nutrients help to translocate to flowering sites, which means that they are delivered to the parts of the plant that need them most. This results in increased essential oil production and flower mass.

Resinator is also free of harmful chemical Plant Growth Regulators (PGRs), so you can be confident that your plants are safe.

If you want to get the most out of your flowering plants, then you need to use Resinator.

 It is a revolutionary flower enhancer that will help your plants reach their fullest natural potential.


  • Increased essential oil production: Rock Resinator helps your plants produce more essential oils, which gives your flowers a richer and more potent flavor.
  • Boosted flower mass: Rock Resinator provides the nutrients your plants need to produce bigger and heavier flowers, which leads to a higher overall yield.
  • Premium-quality ingredients: Rock Resinator is made with high-quality soluble potash, potassium, organic acids, and amino acids, which ensures that your plants get the nutrients they need to thrive.
  • Consistent and reliable: Rock Resinator is made using advanced blending technologies, which ensures that you get a uniform product with consistent results.
  • Free of chemical PGRs: Rock Resinator is free of harmful chemical Plant Growth Regulators, so you can be confident that your plants are safe.

    How to use Rock Resinator?

    To experience the best-possible results, knowing when to use Rock Resinator is just as important.

    The manufacturer recommends starting your Rock Resinator feeding schedule at the start of second week of flowering and continue right through until harvest.

    Bloom – week 2: 4ml per 4L

    Bloom – week 3: 4ml per 4L

    Bloom – week 4: 6ml per 4L

    Bloom – week 5: 8ml per 4L

    Bloom – week 6: 10ml per 4L

    Bloom – week 7: 12ml per 4L

    Flush – week 8: 14ml per 4L

    Flush – week 9: 14ml per 4L

    For dramatically increased results, double the dosage amounts outlined above.

    Always shake well before opening. Add to your regular feeding regime as required.

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