Plastic Root Air Pruning Pots

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Plastic Root Air Pruning Pots - 21L | 28L | 50L

Promote Root Health and a Hands Free Environment that Creates Stronger Plants and Easier Transplanting

Root pruning pots are containers that are made to be air pruned by directing the tips of the roots to the open air through holes in the pot's wall and base. 

The growing medium in the Root Pruning Pot has significant oxygen absorption due to the open wall and floor. In the open air at the walls' edges of the Root Pruning Pot, very small root tips lose its apical dominance. Within the root ball, there is extensive root branching, and numerous new roots extend to nearby cusps.

Roots may get overly thick, restricting access to water and nutrients and sometimes strangling the plant.

Pots with root air pruning can prevent that.

Up until fresh, new roots have colonised the growing medium, the procedure is repeated at an accelerating rate. Root growth slows down when the medium's pore space is completely occupied by roots.

In harmony with the tree's root system, the head of the tree's growth slows down as well. In comparison to regular pots, Rocket Pots can safely hold trees for a lot longer. Plants appear healthy, and the roots do not spiral.

The tree grows like a rocket when the Root Pruning Pot is removed and planted because there are so many active roots that spread out and descend to colonise the new location.

 In potted plants, air pruning the roots is a useful way to improve root health.

There are numerous sizes available for Root Pruning Pots available at Happy Hydroponics!

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