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Saucers -  Sizes: 500(mm), 580(mm), 630(mm)

Our series of Giant Size Saucer could serve well when you are using a large size pot or grow bag.

They are extremely durable and shatter resistant. Made from 100% recyclable materials.

  • Prevents spills and overflows: Giant Size Saucers catch excess nutrient solution, preventing spills and overflows that can damage floors or other surfaces.

  • Protects plants from root rot: By keeping the root zone dry and preventing nutrient solution from pooling around the base of plants, Giant Size Saucers help to prevent root rot.

  • Maintains a clean grow space: Giant Size Saucers help to keep your hydroponic grow space clean and organized by catching nutrient solution drips and preventing debris from accumulating.

  • Promotes plant health: By preventing nutrient solution spills and overflows, Giant Size Saucers help to ensure that your plants receive the optimal amount of nutrients, promoting healthy growth.

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