Seahawk Clip Fan - 150mm

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Seahawk Clip Fan (150mm)

For larger grow rooms or grow tents, the Sea Hawk clip fan works well for increasing air circulation and removing hot, muggy dead zones.

It can lessen the chance of pests and diseases while also enhancing plant health.

Features include:

    • TWO speeds
    • Left - Right Rotation
    • Adjustable Up - Down Tilt
    • 20 watt motor
    • Quiet operation


    • 150mm
    • Two speeds
    • Adjustable direction orientation
    • 20 Watt motor
    • Quiet operation

How do I use the Seahawk Clip Fan - 150mm?

  1. Attach the clip to a flat surface or using ropes/hangers if connecting to pole
  2. Plug the fan into an outlet.
  3. Select the desired speed.
  4. Tilt the fan up or down to adjust the airflow.

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