SeaHawk Cloning Station

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SeaHawk Cloning Station

Available in 24 or 48 or 96 sites!

The Seahawk Cloning Station is a compact aeroponic propagator that can be used to root plant cuttings.

It has a clear humidity lid that allows you to see the cuttings as they root, and it comes with a pump, three neoprene disks, and spare misting jets.

The Seahawk Cloning Station offers a number of benefits over other propagation methods, including:

  • Increased success rate: The aeroponic misting system provides the cuttings with oxygen, water, and essential nutrients, leading to accelerated root growth and a shorter rooting time.
  • Reduced disease risk: By maintaining a controlled environment, the Seahawk Cloning Station reduces the threat of disease transmission.
  • Consistent results: The aeroponic system guarantees consistent and uniform results, ensuring that every cutting has the same chance of success.
  • Water and nutrient conservation: The aeroponic system is highly efficient in its use of water and nutrients, requiring only a small amount compared to soil-based methods.

How do I use the Seahawk Cloning Station?

To use the Seahawk Cloning Station, you will need to:

  1. Fill the reservoir with water.
  2. Attach the lid and pump.
  3. Insert the neoprene disks into the holes in the lid.
  4. Place the cuttings into the neoprene disks.
  5. Turn on the pump and mist the cuttings for 1-2 minutes every hour.

How long does it take for cuttings to root in the Seahawk Cloning Station?

The time it takes for cuttings to root in the Seahawk Cloning Station will vary depending on the type of plant and the conditions. However, most cuttings will root within 2-4 weeks.

How do I care for rooted cuttings in the Seahawk Cloning Station?

Once the cuttings have rooted, you can continue to mist them for 1-2 minutes every hour.

You can also start to reduce the amount of time that the pump is running.

After a few weeks, you can transplant the cuttings into soil or a hydroponic system.

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