Seahawk Fan Speed Controller 2AMP

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 Seahawk Fan Speed Controller 2AMP

The Most Simple Fan Speed Controller You'll Ever Use!

This Fan Speed Controller makes it simple to manually change and slow the running speed of any type of outlet or inlet fan.

There is no need for wiring, and the device is small and simple to use. Simply plug your fan into the fan controller, connect it to the mains, and turn the dial to control the speed of the fan.

You could occasionally face cooler conditions in your grow room during the year when the outside temperature is substantially lower.

Using a fan speed controller to lower the inlet or outlet fan's speed can be a simple fix for the issue and keep your grow room's temperature higher.

  •  Plug-in 500 VA, 2 Amp
  • 100% to 30% varying speed
  • Compact style
  • Extra Strong Duty

For most fans, using this remote to change the speed is an easy option. Connect your fan to the controller, then turn the knob to change the speed.

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