SeaHawk Feed Pump Controller/Timer

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SeaHawk Feed Pump Controller/Timer

Up to 96 on and off times can be programmed in each 24 hour period, with each cycle as short as ten seconds.

    • Set the main timer for ‘on’ times
    • Adjust feed timer for length of ‘on’ time
    • 500 watt max


12 Outlet = 12 sockets for plugging in lights etc…

12ON / 2OFF = 12hr day and 12 night settings using one timer

TD = Time Delays so lights start at different times, using 3 mins apart

4L = L is for Live plugs that don’t run with the timer, in this case there are 4 Live sockets which can be used for fans, pumps etc.

PH = Is for Phase. Depending on your power supply you may need a 1 Phase, 2 Phase or 3 Phase Board

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