Cultiv8 Flexible Heat Mats

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Cultiv8 Flexible Heat Mats For Propagation / Hydroponics

The Cultiv8 Flexible Heat Mat is the perfect tool for keeping your clones and seedlings warm during those chilly periods.

With three sizes to choose from - small, medium, and large - you'll find the perfect fit for your needs. The heat mat is water resistant, so you can place it underneath your growing tray without worrying about water damage.

However, it is not waterproof, so it's important to keep it out of standing water. With full instructions and cloning tips included, you'll have everything you need to get started.

The Cultiv8 Flexible Heat Mat is an affordable way to encourage rooting and give your plants the best start possible.

Plus, its flexible design makes it easy to use in any grow setup.

Get your Cultiv8 Flexible Heat Mat today and take the first step towards healthy and successful plants.

Cultiv8 Flexible Heat Mats Features; 

    • Colourful hanging store display pack
    • Seahawk Propagation Heat Pads ensure you are in control of growing conditions.
    • They allow the germination and striking of plants and flowers, all year round.
    • Sturdy and water resistant, the quality is top class.
    • Double insulated.
    • C Tick certified
    • Heat dispersion plugs included. 

3 Different Sizes Available; 

    • Small: 388 x 282mm 18 watt
    • Medium: 550 x 280mm 25 watt
    • Large: 644 x 350mm 35 watt'

What is the operating temperature range of the Cultiv8 Flexible Heat Mats?

The Cultiv8 Flexible Heat Mats have a fixed operating temperature of 25°C. This temperature is ideal for germinating seeds and cuttings.

How long should it take for a Cultiv8 Flexible Heat Mat to warm up?

The Cultiv8 Flexible Heat Mats will typically warm up to their operating temperature within 30 minutes.

When should I turn off my Cultiv8 Flexible Heat Mat?

You can turn off your Cultiv8 Flexible Heat Mat once your seeds have germinated and your cuttings have rooted. However, you may want to keep the heat mat on for a few more days to help your plants establish themselves.

Are Cultiv8 Flexible Heat Mats safe to use?

Yes, Cultiv8 Flexible Heat Mats are safe to use. They are double insulated to protect from water damage, and they have a built-in thermostat to prevent them from overheating.

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