SeaHawk Multi Purpose Cycle/Repeat Timer

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SeaHawk Multi Purpose Cycle/Repeat Timer

This handy timer allows you to set the time period the unit is on and the time period the unit is off, and then it cycles back and forth between the two. Each period can be set from from 1 second to 99 hour.

    • Multi Purpose Timer if used for pumps - Set OFF TIME in Hrs
      - ON TIME in Sec/Min

    • If you wish to feed only when lights are ON use one of the sockets on light control board which is controlled by its timer.

    • Max load should be 5 A/Socket or 10 A in total.

    • Settings must be done in Power Off Condition  Main Switch Off.

    • After settings are done - switch ON Power - ON TIME starts and then cycle continues.

    • If power supply is interrupted, the new cycle starts when power supply resumes.

S - Seconds  01 - 99Sec
M - Minutes - 01 - 99Min
H - Hours -    01 -  99Hrs

Push Button for ease of use & digital display

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