Sleeps With The Fishez - 1L

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Sleeps With The Fishez 1L

Sleeps With The Fishez is a chlorine oxyacid containing monovalent chlorine that can be used as an oxidising or reducing agent.

  • This indicates that it eliminates hazardous algae and bacterial, fungal, and viral pathogens immediately upon contact, protecting your hydroponic systems and garden from infections and getting rid of biofilms that prevent nutrient uptake and clog hoses and nozzles.

Pythium, fusarium, sooty mould, and powdery mildew can all be controlled using it. On flowering locations, it has been successful in treating botrytis.

Sterilization of hydroponic feed solutions and systems has historically been accomplished using products containing hydrogen peroxide or chloramines (of ammonia).

They are less safe than Sleeps With The Fishez, mostly because of their relative frequency, even if they can sometimes be just as effective. Chloramine's pH ranges from 10 to 11, while peroxide, which is widely available in Australia, has a ph between 1 and 2.

The pH of Sleeps With Fishez is 6.5, making it safe to handle and not likely to interfere with your feed solution.

It is non-systemic, non-toxic, safe for the environment, and simple to use. It is free of all colouring, masking, and adulterants.

Sleeps With The Fishez quickly puts the bad men to bed so you can rest, from a small DWC pot to extensive farms.

Yet it accomplishes more than just that.

All surfaces in your business can be cleaned and sanitised using Sleeps With The Fishez.

It can be used to sterilise cutting equipment to avoid cross contamination.

A great mineral descaler, Sleeps With The Fishez keeps salts from building up in hydroponic equipment like pots, feed lines, spray heads, and mediums. After harvest, use to final flush to get rid of salt and scale buildup.

With only a 10-minute holding period, Sleeps With The Fishez can be used to sanitise and extend the shelf life of harvested fruit and vegetables.

Directions for Sleeps with the Fishes:

  • 0.25 mL/L in your nutrient solution for general prevention and as a foliar spray.
  • 0.25 mL/L as a foliar spray
  • 1.5 mL/L as a final salt flush.
  • 2 mL/L for sterile cloning
  • 3 mL/L for established infection
  • 8 mL/L as a surface sanitizer and equipment cleaning agent. 

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