Smart Garden CO2 Mushroom Bag 2.5Kg

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Introducing our Trichderma CO2 bags, engineered for superior co2 production compared to traditional mushroom-based bags.

Elevate your plant growth with: 

  • Superior CO2 Production: Trichoderma fungi efficiently decompose organic matter, resulting in elevated CO2 levels surpassing conventional bags.
  • Enhanced Growth and Yield: Accelerated photosynthesis leads to faster growth and higher yields, providing plants with the energy to reach their full protential.

Plus, our dual-use systems offers additional benefits: 

When CO2 production begins to decline, mix the organice material with plant substrate such as coco or soil too:

  • Suppress diseases like damping-off and root rot.
  • Enhance nutrient cycling for vigorous plant growth.
  • Stimulate root development for healthier, resilient plants

Please note:

  • Trichodermo CO2 bags turn green upon activation.
  • They come activated and work best when under heat (recommended to change after 3 months under heat).
  • Do not shake the bag.
  • Refrigeration will assist shelf life, but is not necessary.

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