SMSCON Smart Controller mk2 6.5A – W/Ntc Temp Sensor

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Sms Fan Controller MK2

The SMSCOM fan controller is ideal for dimming down your intake or exhaust fan. The mechanism guarantees a steady flow of air.

To work more effectively, covertly, and with better control over temperature and humidity, you can pre-set your fan's left dial to the lowest speed it will run at.


Utilized as a fan controller:

The fan controller functions as a manual dimmer. The left control knob is used to alter fan speed. To get started, simply plug your fan into the controller.


When a temperature sensor is not connected in, the right control knob is inactive.

Use as Smart Controller (temperature sensor required):

The right control knob can be used to adjust the desired room temperature after the fan controller and temperature sensor have been connected. To maintain the desired temperature, the smart controller automatically modifies the fan speed.

The fan will slow down to the minimum speed specified on the left dial if the room temperature drops below the predetermined level. Perfect for temperature changes during night!

The SMSCOM Smart Controller is a capable little device that uses Motion Flow technology under thermostat control to continuously regulate the space.

With the help of smart sensor technology, which continuously gauges the room's temperature and adjusts the fan speed accordingly, your plants will be happier and your electricity costs will go down!

  • No wiring is required; simply plug and play.
  • very fluid change in fan speed.
  • increase the lifespan of your fan.
  • reduced energy use
  • 1500 W maximum current (6.5 A)

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