Southern No Till Regenerate - 2kg | 5kg

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Southern No Till Regenerate - 2kg | 5kg

A single blend of carefully chosen components, Regenerate Nutrient and Mineral Blend, is a great approach to improve no-till beds, create new soil, or recycle old soil.

By adding Regenerate as a topdressing or soil amendment to old soil, you are providing your soil with a variety of raw nutrients that microorganisms will gradually break down and make available to the plant when the plant needs them.

It contains 47% organic matter and is a mixture of rock minerals and amendments derived from plants. Excellent for making adjustments to soil beds and containers between growing cycles, especially for those without the resources to have their soil analysed.

It has a well-balanced composition of organic, slow- and quick-release nutrients and minerals, as well as sufficient of carbon for long-term soil fertility throughout the growing cycle and microbial stimulation.

A top-notch mycorrhizal inoculant that works best when Regenerate is applied as a topdress is also included. Endomycorrhizal spores from four different strains are present in this particular mycorrhizal inoculant, which helps plants with a variety of activities from disease control to water and nutrient transport.

Mycorrhizae are a very significant symbiotic connection that greatly improves plants' capacity to absorb nutrients and safeguards the rhizosphere from pathogens.

It minimises the requirement for fertiliser and sequesters carbon.

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