Sunmaster Full Nova CMH Lamp 315W - 3000k | 3800k

Option: 315 Watt Full Nova 3000k
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Sunmaster Full Nova CMH Lamp 315W

The Sunmaster FULL NOVA product line was created to mimic the balanced spectrum of sunshine.

FULL NOVA has a complete nutritious spectrum, as opposed to the partial or unbalanced spectrum supplied by other light sources such as LED and HPS.

Full one-year warranty!

FULL NOVA grow lights provide nutritional light that is weighted across the spectrum to assist essential plant growth regions such as chlorophyll A, chlorophyll B, and carotenoids.

Sunmaster Full Nova CMH Lamp 315 features;

    • Supports healthy plant growth

    • Encourages thick vegetative growth and strong flowering

    • Long life

    • Balanced, nutritional spectrum (emulating sunlight)

    • E-ballast compatible

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