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Super Si – 100% Mono-Silicic Acid

 Once You Go Super Si, You'll never use anything else!

  • Increased vegetative growth and flowering
  • Stronger stems and leaves
  • Shorter internodal spacing
  • Improved resistance to heat, cold, and drought stress
  • Increased resistance to pests and diseases
  • Larger fruits and flowers

How does SuperSi work?

Silicon is an essential nutrient for plants, but it is often overlooked.

Silicon is essential for cell wall development, which makes plants stronger and more resilient to stress.

SuperSi contains ortho-silicic acid, which is a highly soluble form of silicon that plants can easily absorb.

When plants absorb silicon from SuperSi, it is incorporated into their cell walls, making them stronger and more resistant to stress.

How do I use SuperSi?

SuperSi can be used in soil, coco, and hydroponic cultivation. The recommended dosage is 15mL per 100L of water.

SuperSi can be added to your nutrient solution or used as a foliar spray.

For foliar spraying, mix 1mL of SuperSi per 1L of water and spray your plants thoroughly.

Foliar spraying is a great way to get SuperSi directly into the leaves of your plants, where it can be absorbed quickly.

Additional tips:

  • SuperSi can be used throughout the growing cycle, from germination to harvest.
  • SuperSi is especially beneficial for plants that are stressed, such as those that are growing in hot or cold weather or that are being transplanted.
  • SuperSi can be used in conjunction with other nutrients and additives.


SuperSi is the highest concentration of mono-silicic acid available to modern farmers. A specialized blending technique allows for drastically higher silicate absorption without negatively influencing pH!

This innovative solution encourages incredibly efficient silicate particle uptake without influencing your pH! Silicon will increase defense mechanisms against pest and disease, encourage stronger stem & leaf cell growth, shorter internodal positioning, improved resistance to heat & cold stress whist also providing significantly larger fruit & floral growth.

Organic Silicon is provided through natural beneficial bacterial interactions in soil. We accelerated this natural process to seriously enhance your crops! Ortho-Silicic Acid is a stabilized compound that converts into absorbable monosilicic acid when mixed in water.

SuperSi is the ultimate hydroponic or soil booster! Although rapidly accelerated and powerful plant growth will occur; SuperSi contains NO synthetic PGRs or harmful chemicals.

This encourages rapid uptake through the stomata and epidermal tissue, resulting in accelerated leaf growth and strengthening of plant cell structure.

    • Super Si encourages resistance to abiotic and biotic stress
    • Improves cell structure and formation for accelerated green growth
    • Shorter internodal spacing and tighter flower sites
    • Significant increases in harvest yield and dry weight
    • ULTRA strong concentration for cost-efficiency (30mL/200L)
    • Used in both vegetative and generative cycles
    • PH stabilized and can be successfully used alongside any existing nutrient regime

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